How does a faxless payday loan work?

A faxless payday loan is easy and quick when you apply online! has a secure online application – fill it out with the most up-to-date information you have about yourself, your current work situation or source of income, and your bank account. We will match you with a faxless payday loan lender according to your information.

After you complete the application and submit it to us, we automatically find the best faxless payday loan lender to match the state you are in, the amount of money you want, or other specifics regarding your application. You usually get a response to your application within seconds!

If we are able to verify your current residence, employment situation and bank information, your loan application may qualify for our faxless approval process. offers only faxless payday loans! To see how our faxless payday loan works, visit How it Works.


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